A Collection of Soundscape Improvisations

Released by Lucas Scheffold, Sweden 1996


1.   Dreaming 2 7.00
2.   Travelling In The Night 4.25
3.   Wind And Water 4.40
4.   Calimba Improvisation 5.45
5.   Papalagi And God 5.50
6.   Black Notes 4.45
7.   Progress 4.15
8.   Octopus 4.30
9.   Dreaming 3 3.30
10. Circle 4.10
11. Delayed Dance 3.20
12. Epilogue 2.40

Total time: 56.05

This is a collection of music pieces that could be defined as
soundscape or ambience music. Almost all of them are
based on improvisations.
The music paints different modes and atmospheres.
Some times I use this music in connection with
theatre or multimedia performance.
Therefore, this production is more like a composition of
illustrations then particular tunes.
In one word, it's more like "pictures".

PICTURES is a collection of some of those improvisations,
created and recorded in the years 1992-1996.
The early recordings are made on a quite simple equipment
as a 4-track portastudio and with "old fashion" analogue
synthesizers, compered with the last recordings where I've
been using multitrack recording, sequencers and more
digital technology.

for a very intensive and untuned guitar solo on
"Calimba Improvisation" (A4).

for playing the acordion on "Papalagi And God" (A5).

for painting the cover picture.


1. DREAMING 2.mp3 (16,3 MB)
This piece is based on the original recording "Dreaming"
that was a sequence in the performing of Charles
Dickens Christmas Carol by the Raja Theatre in
I was making the music together with Stefan Nyberg
to this performance in the year 1994.
The sequence is illustrating the moment when the old
man Scrooge is sleeping, just waiting for the first ghost
visiting him.
Instr: analogue and digital synthesizers,
Spanish guitars, percussion, voice and wind chimes

This piece is based on a recording, made on a
4-track portastudio. I used a guitar, a bass and some
Some years later, I continued the recording by adding
a digital synth and some spanish guitars.

3. WIND AND WATER.mp3 (10,53 MB)
This is also a recording made on a 4-track portastudio.
INSTR: analogue synthesizers, Calimba and Kena flute.

This piece is based on an improvisation on a Calimba,
recorded with a delay.
Later, I added a guitar, a bass and some percussion
Finally, Stefan Nyberg added a guitar solo.
During this last overdub, suddenly one of the strings
burst with the result that the guitar totally vent out of
Anyway, we decided to continue the recording because
this situation created a nerve that should be impossible
to recreate.
This recording is also made on a 4-track portastudio.

5. PAPALAGI AND GOD.mp3 (13,5 MB)
Also this is a portastudio recording.
When I was almost finished with this recording,
suddenly Lennart "Konvaljen" Johansson vent in to my
studio, caring an accordion.
He insisted to join the final recording and I gave him a
chance to try, that I'll never regret.
After the moment hi was involved in this recording,
we started to talk about making a musical illustration
to the book "Papalagi". This piece should be the music
to the chapter about Papalagi and God.
We never made this projekt complete but anyway,
I'm lucky for this recording.
Instr: analogue synthesizers, american guitar zithra
and ofcaurse, an acordion.

6. BLACK NOTES.mp3 (11 MB)
Very often my music is based on different pentatonic
scales. The mainly reason is of course that I'm feeling
a great passion for the spirit in those harmonics.
But also when I as a child, started playing the piano,
I did it by just hitting the black keys.
The piece is based on a sequenser recording and later,
I just added some more synthesizers.

7. PROGRESS.mp3 (10 MB)
One influence for me has been Piére Morlén and the
band "Gong". This piece is in one way, a litle tribute
to his music.
Instr: digital synthesizers, chorus, percussion acoustic
and electric guitars.

8. OCTOPUS.mp3 (10,5) MB)
This piece is almost completely done on a sequencer.
Finally, I added some guitars.

9. DREAMING 3.mp3 (8,5 MB)
This piece is also based on the original recording
This time, added with digital synthesizers and some
electric guitars.

10. CIRCLE.mp3 (9,4 MB)
This improvisation is made on a sequenser and
a Spanish guitar.

11. DELAYED DANCE.mp3 (7,5 MB)
Many times, I use a delay in the bottom of my - recordings
This time, it stands very clear.
This recording is also mainly done on a sequencer.
Later, I added some electric guitars.

12. EPILOGUE.mp3 (6,4 MB)
Finally, a little tune as an epilogue in this collection,
this time, completely done on a sequenser.


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