A Collection of Never Released Ideas

Released by Lucas Scheffold, Sweden 1998


1. Prelude 1.50
2. Love Song Without Words 4.47
3. The Returning Theme Of Missing 1 6.16
4. To The Memory Of Zappa 4.07
5. A Waltz On The Bridge 3.02
6. Major Seventh Waltz 1.17
7. Break Out 2.18
8. Freak 1.08
9. Sweet And Nice 1.51
10. Hope 1.39
11. Out Of The Frustration 1.50
12. Fast Travelling 3.34
13. A Touch Of Open Minior 2.17
14. Manhattan 2.37
15. Afrodoria 1.55
16. The Returning Theme Of Missing 2 3.29
17. A Little Piece Of Happiness 1.11
18. Success 6.02
19. Bourrée To Helle 2.46

Total Time: 54.32

During the time, I’ve been creating quite a lot of different music.
A little amount of my music has been produced  in smaller editions like demo tapes etc.
but most of my ideas ends up like stored ideas on tapes or in notes.
A lot of these pieces are just samples, short notes for coming compositions
but some ideas are almost completed.
Some time a composition newer gets released because it does not really fit in
 to my main categories of my music,
(for example my guitar music, my songs, folk music or ambience improvisations).
That is the case with this collection!     

This record is a collection of tunes, recorded but newer finalised or defined in time
 to get produced in some way .*
Later on, I thought it could be nice to release them anyway in a small limited edition
to share them with other people to let the inspiration flow.

The record is a mixture in time and styles.
The recordings are made in the years 1993-1998
The Tracks 1 to 6 are recorded on a 4-track porta studio
in Skogsnäs, a little village in the north Swedish forests in 1993.
The other tracks are recorded at different places and at different times.
Most of these recordings are done in Christiania, Danmark  around 1995
and then in some cases, finalised just before the release 1998.  
These recordings are also made with a little bit more advanced technique,
as an 8-track recorder, sequencers and hard disc recording.

The guitar is my main instrument
and quite often it is the basic instrument in my arrangements.
Also this time, but in opposition to the most of my other productions,
I use a quite ordinary tuning on the guitars at the most of the numbers.
The keyboard is also a basic instrument in this album,
specially on the latest recordings where I’ve been using synthesizers and sequencers.

It is maybe important to call your attention to one thing.
At the time when I recorded the music, it wasn’t meant to be released .
Therefore the music is far away from being  marked by perfectionism.
Instead I decided to keep the original recordings in the way they once were done.
Because the compositions them selves are the most important this time
and not so much the quality of performing it.

Anyway, here it is!
A very limited edition of my never released ideas.
I hope you will enjoy it!

*“Bourrée to Helle” is released in another production called: “En Anden Slags Låtar”  1998


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